about us

Dr. Julia Danovich – project initiator and director.
The project arises from the deep, first hand understanding of the needs and difficulties of an Israeli medical student. Personal encounter with daily student difficulties provides thorough attention to every detail of students’ academic and everyday life and ensures clear vision on how medical education should be conducted. Our community is dedicated to give the best education for the next generations of young doctors by providing academic, professional, research, personal and social support. The classes are held by PhDs and MDs of over than 72 university departments, students have access to 42 clinical bases.

Belarusian State Medical University MD programs are approved by State of Israel Ministry of Health.
BSMU is an Associate Member of the International Association of University Alumni, the International Association of Higher Medical Education Graduates, the Association of Medical Schools of Europe (AMSE); it works in collaboration with WHO, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), participates in numerous international research programs and projects (TEMPUS, TASIS and others).
BSMU is in the process of accreditation by WFME.