Study program in The Israeli Campus for Medical Studies in Minsk

S.Y.D Medical Ed

The project includes a pre-academic preparatory course, which will last about three months. The Preparatory is held in Minsk by the lecturers from BSMU University. During the preparatory course the students will study biology, chemistry, physics and English. Students will study about 5  hours a day, five days a week.  Also students have to do self study at home every day. At the end of the preparatory program, the students will take the entrance exams to the university. The entrance exams were written by the university staff and they examine the level of knowledge required to begin medical studies. The entrance exams are adapted to the study material that is delivered to students during the preparatory course. We believe that a student who invests in the pre-academic preparatory course will successfully pass the university entrance examinations and we are there alongside him to bring him success. The preparatory course is in English. During the preparatory program, the students will live in the university housing adjacent to the university. This is the residence that will be used by students during their studies. The program will give students the opportunity to learn about the city, the university, the lecturers and the living conditions they will stay in during their studies.

General Medicine

A 6-year study program:

All the classes are held in English. The program includes pre-clinical studies lasting 3 years and clinical studies that also last 3 years. After passing the licensing exams will grant the degree

“Doctor of medicine”

The program is based on up-to-date content in Israel and the United States, up-to-date literature and using the most advanced  technologies to impart knowledge and skills to an Israeli student. All in order to provide all necessary tools for a student who will become a doctor.

A 4-year program:

4 year program is suitable for students with a  completed academic degree from universities that recognized by (World direct of Medical Schools). Within the medical / paramedical faculties, also the faculty of biological Sciences.

Preparatory training for 6 months is a prerequisite for admission to the program. Training takes place in BSMU. During the preparatory training – filling gaps in all basic disciplines, in accordance with the requirements of USA, Israel and Belarus. Upon completion of the preparatory training, the student is enrolled in the 3rd year at the University.

After passing the licensing exams will grant the degree

Doctor of medicine”